Pro Fit Ski & Mountain Sports


Find your perfect new boots or make your current ones fit and perform better!

Come visit us and experience the benefits of expert boot fitting. We can help:

  • Relieve foot pain

  • Relieve muscle fatigue

  • Maximize balance & stability

  • Increase comfort, blood flow & warmth

  • Boost power & precision

Pro-Fit Boot-fitting services include:

  • InstaPrint Custom Insoles

  • Stance Assessment and Alignment

  • Major and Minor Shell Modification

    Including shell grinding and stretching, heel lifts, and sole planing

  • Thermo Moldable EVA Liners

  • Installation of Hotronic Foot Warmers


NOW at Pro-Fit Ski!

The technology which makes it possible for the first time to adapt the shell of the ski boot completely to the anatomy of any foot is HERE!

VACU-PLAST material and a special process achieve a fit which is also used successfully by top athletes in the Alpine Ski World Cup.

A special Fischer High-Tech Polymer is used for the Fischer VACUUM boots. It was developed exclusively for the ski boot sector and stands out through superior material properties: thermoformable at 80°C, high-temperature stability, lower weight and better vibration dampening.

The Fischer VACUPLAST material enables for the first time a completely anatomical adjustment of the boot with a quality never reached before.

And all that in 20 minutes.


America’s Best Boot Fitters Certified 2018-2019!

America's Best Bootfitters.comFor over 15 years Pro-Fit Ski & Mountain Sports has been a member of America’s Best Bootfitters, a select group of top independent U.S. and Canadian ski and snowboard shops specializing in custom boot fitting.

“America’s Best Bootfitters designation is granted only to shops whose boot fitting and customization work has demonstrated a high level of expertise and consistency over the years and meets rigorous standards,” says Steve Cohen, executive director of ABB and the Masterfit University Boot Fit Training Centers.  “All America’s Best shops have a supervising boot fitter with a minimum of 8 years experience. ABB shops also have a full complement of the stretching, grinding and stance analysis tools necessary to optimally customize today’s new boots.”

Our goal is to provide the best fit and flex for each skier’s/rider’s individual performance on the mountain. We believe the critical link between the skier/rider and the snow is the boot, and to empower that link we first stabilize the foot, accommodate the shape, then realign the stance, if needed, for optimum performance. Our boot services include stance alignment inspection and adjustment, sole canting, shell stretching and grinding, liner modifications, and custom insoles,” says Brian Deely, Owner/Manager. “We’re honored to have qualified for ABB membership. If boots aren’t comfortable or they don’t fit properly, the energy loss in turns is dramatic.”